Community manager

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On behalf of Lift, connecting people and brands in an fun and easy way, I am looking for a community manager.
Job description 
Talent matching based on resumes and vacancies is old school. They connect people and opportunities on passion, purpose and potential instead. They’re building a tool fit for purpose. Not yet another job board or smart modern resume. The Lift app opens up a whole new way to profile yourself and connect with people and brands in an fun and easy way. We present our users with ‘cards’: small chunks of content to interact with. Questions regarding skills and values, fun challenges to solve and simple calls-to-action to feel acknowledged. E.g. swipe right on a value that’s important to you or mention a friend ‘@emma: Lol, this is SO you!’. By swiping, the user steps into a whole new world of interesting career paths, people, future-oriented job roles, companies and other content. While ‘lifting’, users are enabled to find job roles that fit their ambitions or cross over to new fields that match their (soft) skills and passions (instead of just searching for ‘account manager’, ugh). Lift makes talent (more) conscious of their full potential for growth. A great feeling indeed.
In 2016 they started from scratch and experimented offline. A first version of the app has been released and now it’s time to start experimenting on a bigger scale. Students are the starting point (500 active users by mid October). They need you to set up and engage the community and translate their feedback into features for further development so they are sure they create something that’s truly valuable to this community. You breathe online (students / young professionals ) communities, social media, offline events, analytics, storytelling, content management, customer You are a self starter and used to a lot of freedom. Equally eager about using your head and hands. The approach and toolset are chosen by you. You are the community and content specialist and of course, they are here to support if/when needed.
Initially it will be for 2 - 3 days a week untill end of October. It will more than likely be extended. Freelance contract preferred. They expect to add a few more to the team in the near future. They work in a small team with eager people who are ambitious to get the most out of this opportunity. Amersfoort is the place to meet up regularly, The Hague the location to start the (student) community activities.There are no fancy lunches and they don’t have their own gym. But if that’s what you need, I’m sure they can work something out. If you need more phones to simultaneously chat with all their users, They're on it. They do offer a chance to work on an ambitious project in a startup set to try something really new in this crowded HR-tech space. Because they see the talent needs and frustrations that they believe they can address these.